Solutions for Parasite Detection and Identification

Solutions for Parasite Detection and Identification

Solutions for Parasite Detection and Identification

The detection and identification of parasites is an important part of safeguarding human and animal health. Currently, common detection methods include microscopic examination, molecular biology techniques, immunological diagnosis, etc. Among them, molecular biology techniques have the advantages of high sensitivity, high specificity, and rapidity, and have become the mainstream parasite detection and identification techniques.

Ace Therapeutics provides comprehensive parasite detection and identification solutions covering a wide range of parasite types and sample types: detection of various parasites from different sources such as stool, blood, and tissue. Ace Therapeutics follows strict quality control standards throughout the entire process of sample collection, transportation, processing, and test report generation to ensure data reliability and accuracy. Ace Therapeutics provides solutions that not only detect parasites efficiently and accurately but also reveal key information about parasite species and subtypes at the molecular level, providing more powerful support for research and non-clinical diagnosis in related fields.

Solution Options for Parasite Detection and Identification

Ace Therapeutics provides solutions for parasite detection and identification including but not limited to the following:

  • Parasite detection

Ace Therapeutics can detect and identify parasites using various molecular biology techniques, such as PCR and ELISA, to support health prevention and control of humans, animals, and plants.

  • Chemical composition analysis

Certain parasites produce unique chemical components that can be used as indicators for rapid identification and detection. Ace Therapeutics can detect and identify these unique components using various analytical chemistry techniques, such as chromatography and mass spectrometry.

  • Parasite screening based on high-throughput technology

Ace Therapeutics can utilize various high-throughput technologies, such as high-throughput screening and high-throughput sequencing, to accelerate the parasite screening process and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the screening process.

  • Parasite diversity and distribution study

We conduct parasite species identification and diversity analysis based on PCR, DNA sequencing, and other techniques to understand parasite species and their distribution in different regions and hosts and provide a scientific basis for relevant control measures.

  • Genetic variation and evolution of parasites

We use technologies such as whole genome sequencing to analyze the genetic variation and phylogenetic relationships of parasites, reveal genetic differences and evolutionary relationships among individual parasites and between different species, and provide an in-depth understanding of their morphological, functional, and ecological adaptive changes.

  • Parasite-host co-evolution studies

We use comparative genomics and transcriptomics to study the co-evolutionary relationship between parasites and hosts, reveal the evolutionary history and adaptive mechanisms of parasite-host interactions, and provide theoretical support for explaining the game laws between the host immune system and parasites.

Ace Therapeutics offers solutions and services for parasite testing and identification that are technologically advanced, reliable, and comprehensive. Our team of experienced scientists and technicians is able to respond quickly to our client's needs and meet your individual requirements. We welcome research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other organizations/individuals interested in partnering with Ace Therapeutics to advance the field of parasite testing and identification. If you have research needs or questions, please consult us to learn more. If you have research needs or questions, please consult us to learn more.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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