Molecular Biology Testing Services for Parasites

Molecular Biology Testing Services for Parasites

Molecular Biology Testing Services for Parasites

Molecular biology testing for parasitic infections is a technique for determining parasitic infections by testing for genes and nucleic acids of parasites. It is highly sensitive and specific and is used for the detection and diagnostic tests of various parasitic diseases. Each parasite has its own specific nucleic acid sequence (gene fragment) and detection of its unique nucleic acid sequence has the same diagnostic value as detection of the worm and can be used as a basis for confirming the diagnosis.

The molecular biology of parasitic infections is scalable and automated, allowing the simultaneous testing of multiple samples, and is particularly suitable for the testing of large samples. It takes less time than traditional pathogenic techniques and provides a useful addition to experimental diagnostic techniques for parasitic diseases.

Ace Therapeutics specialises in parasitological research and has established a parasite testing technology platform to provide high quality parasite molecular biology testing services, including PCR testing services, fluorescent RT-PCR testing services, cotton fibre card testing services, LAMP testing services, gene chip technology services and DNA probe testing services. Our goal is to provide assistance in parasite testing and to accelerate research for our clients around the world.

Molecular Biology Testing Service Options for Parasites

  • PCR method - parasite testing service

The polymerase chain reaction replicates, amplifies and analyses the nucleic acid sequence of the tested pathogen in large quantities under a PCR system.

  • Fluorescent RT-PCR method - parasite testing service

Quantitative analysis of unknown parasite sequences by real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR.

  • Cotton fibre card - parasite testing service

The chemically treated cotton fibre card technology encapsulates protein denaturant, chelator and free radical trap in a filtration matrix before collecting samples and extracting and purifying nucleic acids for subsequent PCR amplification analysis.

  • LAMP method - parasite testing service

Ring-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology enables high throughput rapid detection of parasites.

  • GeneChip - parasite testing service

Gene microarray technology is used to analyse the presence, number and sequence of target molecules to obtain genetic information about the parasite sample under test.

  • DNA Probe - parasite testing service

Also known as molecular hybridisation techniques, parasite DNA is immobilised and the specificity of the probe is determined. Used for different parasite specimens.

Service Flow

Please let us know the details of your parasite testing related project through online inquiry. We will reply to you promptly and provide you with a feasibility assessment and experimental protocol for your project. After reaching an agreement and getting the samples, we proceed to the testing phase as soon as possible. After the testing is completed, we will deliver a detailed report to you.

Our Advantages

  • We offer a wide range of molecular biology tests for parasites for you to choose flexibly.
  • These techniques are economical, convenient, sensitive and specific.
  • We provide efficient and convenient services for parasite classification, evolution, life history studies, high throughput screening, vaccine studies and more.
  • These services have been used extensively in the diagnosis of parasitic diseases, field surveys, identification and classification of parasite species.
  • Fast turnaround time and cost-effective.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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