Artificial Culture Services for Parasites

Artificial Culture Services for Parasites

In vitro culture techniques of parasites have been an important part of parasitological research in recent years. In vitro culture techniques for parasites are used more frequently than in vivo culture techniques. In vitro culture of animal parasites involves highly complex procedures that are influenced by many variables. This is because parasites have very complex life cycles and may require different culture parameters depending on the stage of the life cycle. In vitro culture of parasites is important for research in directions such as diagnosis, antigen, and antibody production, assessment of parasite immunomodulatory capacity, drug screening, improvement of chemotherapy, differentiation of isolates, determination of strain differences, vaccine production, development of attenuated strains, and study of host-parasite interactions.

Ace Therapeutics specializes in parasitological research and has established an integrated technical service platform for parasitic organisms that allows us to provide high-quality artificial culture services for parasites to our clients worldwide. Not only can we help you dynamically study their physiology, behavior, and metabolism, but we can also actively explore and analyze the nature of antigenic molecules in excretory and secretory products, etc. Our goal is to provide assistance and accelerate research in parasite culture for our clients worldwide.

Service Options for Artificial Culture of Parasites

We offer high-quality artificial culture services for a wide range of parasites. These include but are not limited to Entamoeba histolytica, Leishmania, Cryptosporidium, Trichomonas vaginalis, Plasmodium, Giardia lamblia, Hookworm, and Trichina. Our high-quality culture technology helps our customers to conduct relevant research and provide customized solutions.

Note: Our service offerings are constantly being updated and improved, so if you would like to learn about other parasite cultures, please contact us to learn more.

The culture of parasites depends on the combined expertise of all types of microbial cultures. Different parasites require different culture conditions, such as nutrition, temperature, and even incubation conditions. We are professionals and a worthy choice for you.

Service Flow

  • Please let us know the description of your parasite culture-related project through our online consultation (we will keep it absolutely confidential), and let us know clearly whether you need the entire reproductive cycle or just a certain stage/stages of worms. Also, please include accurate contact information so that we can respond to you in a timely manner. In addition, we can provide you with an experimental protocol for your project, including experimental design, experimental feasibility assessment, etc.
  • After reaching an agreement, we will enter the culture stage of the parasites and optimize the conditions as soon as possible.
  • When the culture project is completed, we will deliver the parasites obtained from the culture immediately. At the same time, we will deliver a detailed report to you, including experimental steps, culture medium preparation, and culture conditions.

Our Advantages

  • A well-established parasite culture laboratory platform that is certified and accredited by the Parasitic Disease Control System.
  • We continue to strengthen the construction and capacity of our laboratory, while developing more new techniques for parasitic culture to further improve the capacity of parasitic laboratory culture.
  • Our parasite culture service provides excellent experimental materials for research on parasite physiology, behavior and metabolism.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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