Bioassay Services for Anti-parasitic Drugs

Bioassay Services for Anti-parasitic Drugs

Bioassay Services for Anti-parasitic Drugs

In recent years, biotechnology drugs have become the focus of research and development, and bioanalysis is gradually being emphasized by companies because of its important role in the early stage of biotechnology drug development. Bioanalysis is mainly used for routine drug testing, stability analysis, bioavailability analysis, clinical monitoring of drugs, and determination of biological drugs to ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of drugs.

Ace Therapeutics has an FDA/NMPA and GLP-compliant technical platform, a professional research team, and advanced instrumentation, and implements information management, adhering to the highest global quality control standards, to provide global customers with anti-parasitic drug bioanalysis services, dedicated to accelerating the process of new drug development for global customers.

Bioanalytical Service Options for Anti-parasitic Drugs

Bioassay of large molecule antiparasitic drugs
  • Macromolecular bioassay method development and methodological validation
    • Development, transfer, optimization, and validation of immunoassay methods for the determination of drug concentrations in biological matrices
    • Development of optimized and validated immunoassay methods
  • Protein, antibody, and peptide and drug analysis — Global clinical and preclinical testing for pharmacogenetic, toxicogenic and immunogenicity testing, bioequivalence testing
  • Biomarkers — Inflammatory markers, metabolic disease markers, cardiovascular disease markers, bone markers, etc.
  • Vaccine analysis —- Monovalent and multivalent vaccine assays, multi-serotype antibody assays, high-throughput automated technologies
  • Immunogenicity testing — Screening tests, deterministic tests
Bioassay of small molecule antiparasitic drugs
  • Early DMPK/ADME in vitro and in vivo screening
  • Preclinical GLP pharmacogenetic toxicology assays
  • Generic drug bioequivalence (BE) assays
  • Sample analysis for global clinical trials
  • Development, transfer, and optimization of LC-MS/MS methods for the determination of drug concentrations in biological matrices
  • Synthesis services for standards and isotope internal standards

Quotation and Ordering

In order to provide an efficient and accurate quote, please complete the online inquiry form and send it to us, we will reply to you the first time. Feel free to consult us for more details about our services.

Our Advantages

  • Ace Therapeutics provides FDA/NMPA GLP-compliant macromolecular drug bioanalytical services to support the screening and development of protein drugs, antibody drugs, vaccines, and biomarkers, as well as their preclinical and clinical studies. We also provide FDA/NMPA GLP-compliant small molecule bioanalytical services to support the screening and development of small molecule drugs, as well as preclinical and clinical studies.
  • The laboratory implements comprehensive information management and uses a validated laboratory information management system to establish a complete sample management chain and experimental data processing, tracking, and storage chain, as well as a temperature monitoring system.
  • Independent large molecule bioanalytical platform, small molecule bioanalytical platform, and biotech drug analysis platform.
  • We have a full range of multi-functional technology platforms such as SpectraMaxM4/M5/i3x, MSD, Luminex, Biacore 8K, Envision, Gyrolab, ABI7500 qPCR, etc. We flexibly use ELISA, ECL, IP, Co-IP, qPCR, FACS, Elspot, enzymology, and others.
  • Bioanalytical services cover the full lifecycle of drug discovery and development and can analyze novel drug forms including small molecules, macromolecules, oligonucleotides, cellular gene therapy, bispecific antibodies, etc. We continue to focus on the development of drug discovery technologies and strive for excellence to accelerate the development of new drugs for our customers worldwide.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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