Pathogenetic Testing Services for Parasites

Pathogenetic Testing Services for Parasites

Pathogenetic testing is performed by collecting blood, tissue fluid, tissue, stool and other specimens from patients and observing them directly using a microscope, etc., or after processing and staining, in order to find parasitic worms or eggs as a basis for diagnosis. Sometimes in vitro culture of parasites or animal inoculation is also required before performing pathogenic tests. The pathogenic detection of parasites is influenced by many factors, such as the stage of parasite infection, parasite site, and specimen collection method/operation/site, thus it may happen that the parasite body or eggs are not detected. The examination process is time-consuming, laborious, poorly reproducible, and subjective in the judgment of results, thus requiring the testers to have extensive knowledge of parasitology and testing experience.

Ace Therapeutics specialises in parasitological research and has established a parasite testing technology platform to provide high quality parasitic pathogenic testing services. Depending on the type of sample, we offer pathogenic testing services mainly for faecal, blood/bone marrow, body fluid/secretion and tissue samples. Our goal is to provide assistance in parasite testing and to accelerate research for research institutes, university researchers, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Service Options for Parasitic Pathogenesis Testing

Depending on the type of sample and test method, we offer a wide range of parasite pathogenetic testing services, giving you the flexibility to choose. Of course, the range of services that can be offered includes, but is not limited to:

Parasite Testing Services in Feces

Parasite Testing Services in Body Fluids

Parasite Testing Services for Blood and Bone Marrow

Parasite Testing Services in Biopsies

Service Flow

Please let us know the details of your parasite testing related project through online inquiry. We will reply to you promptly and provide you with a feasibility assessment and experimental protocol for your project. After reaching an agreement and getting the samples, we proceed to the testing phase as soon as possible. After the testing is completed, we will deliver a detailed report to you.

Our Advantages

  • A wide range of pathogenic testing methods, which can be flexibly selected depending on the type of sample.
  • Professional test technicians are skilled in parasitology theory and have experienced testing experience.
  • Short project lead times, rapid testing and report delivery.
  • In addition to our excellent service, we also offer a wide range of testing products.
  • Competitive prices.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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