Intestinal Parasites-Flora Interaction Research Service

Intestinal Parasites-Flora Interaction Research Service

Intestinal Parasites-Flora Interaction Research Service

The intestinal flora is very closely related to the parasite and the host. Parasitic infections can lead to alterations, dysregulation and inflammatory diseases of intestinal microecology. Also, intestinal flora affects parasite colonization, proliferation, and virulence in the host. Intestinal parasites include parasitic helminths and protozoa, and infection by either protozoa or helminths can lead to alterations in intestinal microbial composition and diversity that can have pathogenic effects on the host. Intestinal flora can promote/inhibit the pathogenic effect of parasites on the host, and probiotics have a preventive or therapeutic effect on intestinal parasitic infections.

At present, the study of parasite-bacterial flora interaction is still in the early stage, and the mechanism of their interaction is still unclear. Clarifying the interaction and mechanism of action between parasites and intestinal flora is of great significance for the in-depth understanding of the parasite-intestinal flora-host interrelationship and the development of effective anti-parasitic microecological agents.

Ace Therapeutics provides one-stop comprehensive services for the study of intestinal parasite-flora interactions, to provide new strategies and theoretical basis for the prevention and control of parasitic diseases.

Service Options for the Study of Intestinal Parasite-Flora Interactions

1. RNA pull-down and DNA pull-down

Protein and RNA/DNA interactions are central to host cell and intracellular parasite functions, such as protein synthesis, mRNA assembly, viral replication, and cell developmental regulation. We provide technical services for RNA pull-down and DNA pull-down assays, with WB validation or mass spectrometry to identify protein types.


We offer an affinity purification (AP) approach to study the interaction between intracellular parasites and the cellular proteome, with specially designed purification tags that capture specific proteins and their molecular chaperones under conditions very close to physiological conditions.

We also provide technical services for dual RNA-seq, dual luciferase, ChIP, EMSA, Y1H, etc. These technical services can help to understand the interactions between intracellular parasites and host cells, such as whether they acquire humoral immune responses, whether drugs can cross the host cell membrane, with or without other nutrients, and whether they can recruit host functions for their own needs.

Sample Types

  • Samples for Dual RNA-seq and 16S/18S-seq services can be intestinal parasites, fresh host pancreatic fluid, bile, intestinal secretions, feces, etc.
  • Samples for MS2-RIP and dual luciferase service can be lncRNA or miRNA.
  • For RNA pull-down, dual luciferase, ChIP, EMSA, Y1H, DNA pull-down, etc., the samples can be DNA/RNA and protein.
  • Samples for GST pull-down and Y2H service can be protein.

Service Details

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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