Molecular Biology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Molecular Biology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Molecular Biology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Parasites are a group of highly adaptable and pathogenic organisms, which are important for human and animal breeding, public health, and environmental protection. Molecular biology is a key tool to analyze the life process of parasites and develop anti-parasitic drugs. Currently, the commonly used molecular biology techniques for parasites include PCR amplification, gene cloning, protein expression and purification, and gene editing. In parasite classification and identification, PCR techniques have been widely used. PCR techniques can amplify specific DNA sequences based on the surface or internal DNA of parasites, thus rapidly identifying different species of parasites. And gene cloning techniques can be used to reveal the genetic mechanism of parasites, such as genome structure, transcriptional regulation, metabolic pathways, etc. Protein expression and purification techniques can be used to study the protein structure and function of parasites and to develop new drug targets against parasites. In recent years, gene editing technologies have also been gradually applied to functional genomics studies of parasites and efficient screening of drug targets.

Options for Molecular Biology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Ace Therapeutics is a technology development and services company specializing in life sciences. We provide a variety of molecular biology services for parasites to assist our clients with their research or projects. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Parasite PCR amplification service

we can provide primer design, sample processing, PCR reaction system optimization, and data analysis as needed by customers.

  • Parasite gene cloning service

We can provide services such as gene fragment cloning, sequence analysis, and expression vector construction as required by customers.

  • Parasite protein expression service

We can provide services such as protein expression host bacteria screening, protein expression optimization, purification, and identification.

  • Parasite gene editing service

We can provide gene knockout and gene mutation services required by customers, and support customers to choose Cas9 protein or CRISPR RNA and other editing tools.

  • Parasite gene expression profiling service

We can provide various parasite gene expression profiling and visualization services to help customers understand the gene expression changes and regulatory mechanisms of different parasite stages.

  • Parasite omics services

We can provide whole genome sequencing, sequence quality control, comparative analysis, annotation, and other services to provide strong support for customers to carry out parasite genomics research.

We can provide services such as parasite miRNA sequencing, sequence quality control, splicing, and annotation to support customers to carry out functional research on parasite miRNA.

We can provide a variety of parasite proteomics analysis technology services, such as 2D electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), to help customers understand the composition, structure, and function of parasite proteins and other information.

  • Integrated parasite research services

Combining the above-mentioned technologies, we provide comprehensive technical support and solutions for clients to carry out basic and applied research related to parasites.

  • Other customized services

We can provide other molecular biology technology services for parasites according to specific requirements if customers need them.

Ace Therapeutics is committed to providing quality molecular biology technical services to our clients. Our professional team will be happy to provide technical support and solutions for your parasite research or project. If you have relevant needs, please consult us, and we will reply and provide you with a detailed service plan and quotation in the shortest time.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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