Customized Services for Animal Model of Alveolar echinococcosis Infection

Customized Services for Animal Model of Alveolar echinococcosis Infection

Alveolar echinococcosis Animal Model Customization Service

Alveolar echinococcosis (Ae) is a disease caused by the larvae of Echinococcus multilocularis, also known as Echinococcosis multilocularis, Multilocular hydatidosis, that parasitizes humans. The disease is also called echinococcosis multilocularis and multilocular hydatidosis. The transmission of Alveolar echinococcosis (Ae) is divided into two modes of infection: direct and indirect. Infection is mainly through contact with foxes or wild dogs, or by skinning foxes and ingesting the eggs. Foxes, wild dogs, wolves and cats are infected by preying on rodents. The eggs contaminate soil, plants, vegetables, water sources, etc., and people become infected through the above vectors, after accidental ingestion. The eggs of Echinococcus multifasciatus are very resistant in the external environment and cannot be easily killed. The eggs hatch in the small intestine, and the latter invade the liver through blood transport and develop into vesicular larvae. The primary disease is located in the liver and can spread to the lung, brain and other organs through blood transport to produce secondary or metastatic lesions, which can lead to different types of coccidiosis, such as hepatic alveolar coccidiosis, pulmonary alveolar coccidiosis and cerebral alveolar coccidiosis. The pathological changes in the liver can be classified as macrosomal, nodular and mixed types.

Ace Therapeutics specializes in parasitology and has established a technical platform for the development of animal models of parasitic diseases, aiming to provide development and customization services for various animal models of parasitic diseases for clients worldwide. We provide animal model development services for Alveolar echinococcosis. This provides a good model for the morphology, life history and especially the molecular biology of Alveolar echinococcosis.

Customization Service Options for Animal Models of Alveolar echinococcosis Infection

We can establish an Alveolar echinococcosis model for you in mice, it can be used for scientific research and drug research of Alveolar echinococcosis. If you want to know more, you are welcome to consult us.

  • Mice model of Alveolar echinococcosis

Model animal: KM mice

Source of parasite: the vesicular larvae were removed from the abdominal cavity of the vesicular larvae infected animals, the cyst wall was cut and filtered at 40 mesh, and a saline suspension of the protoscolex was made.

Reproduction method: intraperitoneal injection

Model characteristics: the protoscolex were injected intraperitoneally for 1 to 3 months, and the metacercaria rapidly increased in size, and some mice might die because the vesicles were too large or the vesicles ruptured in the abdominal cavity. The vesicles were mainly parasitized in the abdominal cavity, mesentery, spleen and stomach wall as yellowish, variable-sized, uneven, clumped vesicles. Infection of the liver was less frequent and the suprahepatic vesicles were smaller in size than the abdominal cavity, which may be related to the abdominal inoculation. The mortality rate of animals was higher with excessive inoculation. This model can cause biological and immunological alterations in mice with secondary vesicular larvae infection.

Application: the susceptibility of different animals to vesicular larvae infection varies, different inoculation methods may affect the parasitic site of vesicular larvae, and too much inoculation of the original head section may cause death of the modeled animals. The animal models replicated by this method can be used for drug screening, histopathology, electron microscopy and other studies.

Service Details

Delivery content: experiment report and Alveolar echinococcosis animal model
Test fee: please get it through online inquiry.

Service Flow

  1. Communicate your requirements with us via online inquiry or telephone.
  2. Communicate the requirements (Number, degree of infection, etc.) of Alveolar echinococcosis animal model customization, sign the contract and pay the deposit.
  3. Fill out the sample order and send the samples (optional).
  4. Establish Alveolar echinococcosis animal model and prepare experiment report.
  5. Delivery of report and animal model.

Our Advantages

  • We offer rat models of Alveolar echinococcosis that can be used for scientific research and drug research of Alveolar echinococcosis. If you have special needs, please consult us for customization.
  • Our professional technicians have extensive experience in parasite animal model development.
  • Advanced technology platform, scientific management system, and standard R&D procedures.
  • In addition to Alveolar echinococcosis animal model customization service, we also provide Alveolar echinococcosis identification services (Intradermal test, IHA test, ELISA test, etc. These tests can be used on a case-by-case basis.).
  • The project cycle time is short and the price is competitive.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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