Screening Services for Anti-parasitic Drugs

Screening Services for Anti-parasitic Drugs

Screening Services for Anti-parasitic Drugs

Drug screening is a step in the modern drug development process to test and obtain compounds with specific physiological activity, and to select compounds with high biological activity, pharmacological action, and medicinal value from a large number of compounds or new compounds by standardized experimental means. It requires a cross-sectional comparison of the physiological activities of different compounds, so the experimental protocols for drug screening need to be standardized and quantified. With the development of combinatorial and computational chemistry, people started to have the ability to synthesize and isolate multiple compounds on a large scale in a short period of time, and thus drug screening has gradually become one of the main ways to discover lead compounds in the modern new drug development process. The main techniques are genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, computational biology, biochip technology, microfluidic chip technology, and other methods to perform the process of drug preference within a certain selectable range.

Ace Therapeutics has many years of experience in antiparasitic drug testing services and can provide a variety of services and solutions for clients based on their specific needs for experimental design and planning. Ace Therapeutics has an experienced team and advanced instrumentation to provide a wide range of large-scale anti-parasitic drug screening services, including high-throughput screening and high-content screening, and can undertake customized services to provide valuable information for the identification and optimization of lead compounds.

Service Options for Anti-parasitic Drugs Screening

  • Build a technical platform for antiparasitic drug screening and provide technical consulting services.
  • Establish high-throughput/high-content screening technology and various in vivo and ex vivo screening models.
  • Screening for suitable targets or biomarkers
  • Preparation of parasite models and detection systems
  • Screening of potential anti-parasitic drug compounds
  • Evaluation of compound safety and toxicity

Service Types for Anti-parasitic Drugs Screening

High-Throughput Screening (HTS) is a microplate format, automated operating system, and assay instrument for experimental manipulation and data collection at the molecular or cellular level, allowing samples to be assayed at the same time and data to be analyzed and processed by computer. Our high-throughput devices allow the use of 384-well plates and a variety of assay techniques such as chemiluminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, etc. to measure the permeability, stability, metabolic pathways, metabolites, and cytotoxicity of compounds at the molecular or cellular level as well as in 3D cultured cell models.

  • Chinese medicine HTS
  • HTS of active ingredients in Chinese medicines
  • Cell HTS
  • Molecular-level HTS
  • Small molecule drug HTS
  • Microbial HTS
  • Inhibitor HTS
  • Natural product HTS
  • Compound HTS
  • Lead compounds HTS
  • Target HTS
  • Antibody HTS
  • Toxicity HTS
  • Cytotoxicity HTS
  • Drug toxicity HTS
  • Drug crystal HTS
  • Efficacy HTS
  • Activity HTS
  • Bioactive component HTS
  • Strain HTS
  • Probiotic HTS
  • Enzyme HTS
  • Protein HTS
  • Active peptide HTS
  • Reproductive toxicity HTS
  • Microfluidic HTS
  • Microplate HTS
  • Mutant HTS

For more HTS and HTS models, please consult us.

High-Content Screening (HCS) is a cell imaging and multi-parameter data analysis-based technology with analysis software that allows simultaneous monitoring and analysis of multiple parameters at the single cell level. Ace Therapeutics can provide multi-purpose high-content imaging and analysis services for your antiparasitic drug development, allowing you to simultaneously detect the effects of compounds on comparative cell morphology and number, nuclear size and shape, cell membrane permeability, mitochondrial membrane potential, cytochrome C release, etc., while maintaining the structural and functional integrity of the cells, and to obtain visualized data in a single experiment. Data can be obtained in a single experiment, and the cytotoxicity of the compounds to be tested and their mechanism of action can be monitored and evaluated.

Our anti-parasitic drug screening services can provide clients with services for drug screening protocols for different parasites. These protocols can be derived by means of laboratory tests and computer simulations to determine the most effective drug combinations, with associated data analysis and reporting. Such services can help clients quickly identify the best treatment options and accelerate the process of new drug development and clinical application. Feel free to consult us for more details about our services.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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