Immunology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Immunology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Immunology Technical Services for Parasite Research

Parasites are a group of small organisms that can live in other organisms and derive nutrition from them. They can cause disease and cause a variety of illnesses, including liver disease, enteritis, and schistosomiasis. Intensive research on these pathogens is important because understanding the mechanisms of their growth and transmission can help develop better prevention and treatment methods. In recent years, immunological techniques for parasites have become increasingly sophisticated and widely used in related research. These techniques can help scientists understand the interaction between the host and the parasite and how the parasite evades attack by the immune system. The major techniques include enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), flow cytometry, and Western blotting, which have been successfully used to detect, diagnose, and treat related diseases.

Options for Immunology Technical Services for Parasite Research

As a technology service provider focused on life sciences, Ace Therapeutics is committed to providing high-quality and reliable immunological technology services for parasites to our customers worldwide. We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive technical experience and expertise. Whether from sample collection to data analysis, we can provide comprehensive technical support and solutions to our clients. We offer a variety of parasite immunology technical services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Parasitic antibody preparation services

Polyclonal antibody preparation service: We provide services including immunogen preparation, animal immunization, cell fusion, hybridoma screening, antibody purification, etc.

Monoclonal antibody preparation service: We provide services including immunogen preparation, mouse immunization, cell fusion, hybridoma screening, monoclonal antibody production, etc.

  • Parasitic antigen preparation services

Parasitic antigen preparation service: we complete parasite isolation, culture, antigen extraction, purification, and detection.

Recombinant antigen preparation service: we complete DNA synthesis, expression vector construction, eukaryotic or prokaryotic expression, antigen purification, etc.

  • Parasite immune response monitoring services

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method: We complete kit self-development, sample testing, data processing, etc.

Immunofluorescence staining (IFA) method: we complete including antibody labeling, sample processing, microscopic observation, etc.

Immunoblotting (Western Blotting) method: we complete electrophoresis, membrane transfer, primary antibody secondary antibody labeling, etc.

  • Cytokine detection services for parasites

Cytokine level detection service: We can complete technical services including the ELISA method, flow cytometry, etc.

Cytokine gene expression detection service: We can complete technical services including real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR, etc.

Parasitic cell immune activity assay services Cell proliferation test (MTT): We can cell culture, drug treatment, cell growth index test, etc.

Flow cytometry (FACS): We can monoclonal antibody screening, immune cell sorting, cell viability testing, etc.

  • Parasite immunohistochemistry services

Cellular immunohistochemistry service: We stain different types of parasite cells to observe their morphology, distribution, and functional status.

Tissue immunohistochemistry service: We stain parasite tissues to detect infection, immune response, etc.

Protein immunohistochemistry service: We stain proteins to detect their presence, localization, and expression levels.

Immunofluorescence service: We use fluorescent dyes or fluorescently labeled antibodies to detect the location and levels of specific molecules in parasite cells or tissues.

Immunoblotting service: We isolate proteins and bind them to antibodies to detect their presence and relative levels using chemical methods.

Immunoprecipitation service: We purify target proteins from complex mixtures using antibodies.

Immunohistochemical data analysis: We perform statistical analysis of immunohistochemical data and interpretation of results.

  • Immunogenicity analysis services

We can provide immunogenicity analysis services so that our clients can understand how parasites evade immune system attacks.

  • Other customized services

We can provide other immunology services for parasites according to specific requirements if customers need them.

If you need technical services in parasite immunology, please feel free to consult us. Our professional team will be happy to provide you with the best quality and reliable technical support and solutions.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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