Multi-omics Services for Accidental Parasites

Multi-omics Services for Accidental Parasites

Multi-omics Services for Accidental Parasites

An accidental parasite is a parasite that enters a non-normal host by chance, such as certain flies and maggots that enter the human intestine and become parasitized by chance. Fly maggot disease is a parasitic disease caused by the parasitism of fly larvae (maggots) in human or animal organs or tissues. Depending on the parasitic site of the fly maggots, a variety of fly maggot diseases can be caused, including skin fly maggot disease, oral ear, and nose fly maggot disease, wound fly maggot disease, and eye fly maggot disease. Commonly, patients with cutaneous fly maggot disease may experience general malaise, low-grade fever, nausea, headache, and lethargy, and the skin may feel itchy or tingling; the skin of the lesion may be loose and a rash may appear. At present, little is known about the biological characteristics of the occasional parasite, and there is a lack of understanding of infection routes, pathogenic mechanisms, detection methods, and specific drugs. Extensive basic research is a prerequisite for the prevention and treatment of incidental parasitic diseases, and the discovery of target molecules for diagnosis and treatment is the key to solving these problems.

Ace Therapeutics provides multi-omics services for accidental parasites, including but not limited to genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. The aim is to explore the biology of accidental parasites at the molecular level to help find specific assays and develop specific drugs. Every step from sample extraction, and library sequencing/assay, to data analysis, has been scientifically and meticulously designed to guarantee high-quality research results.

Multi-Omics Service Options for Accidental Parasites

1. Transcriptomics

We provide transcriptome sequencing and analysis services for accidental parasites, involving scRNA-seq, spatial transcriptome sequencing, mRNA-seq, lncRNA-seq, circRNA-seq, small RNA-seq, whole transcriptome sequencing, and comparative transcriptome sequencing. In addition, we can provide multi-omics integration analysis. Study changes in gene function and gene structure under different conditions, as well as gene transcription, regulation, and expression. To provide a theoretical basis for biological processes such as growth and development, environmental adaptation, immune interactions, inflammation production, and molecular markers.

2. Epigenomics

We offer epigenomics services for accidental parasites, including single-cell ATAC-seq, ChlP-seq, RIP-seq, ATAC-seq, MeRlP-seq. We can help you analyze changes in gene expression levels of incidental parasites before and after parasitization based on non-genetic sequence changes (such as DNA methylation and chromatin conformational changes). We can help you to study in detail the molecular mechanisms involved in the biological processes of cell differentiation, reproduction, pathogenesis, and inflammation of these parasites.

3. Metabolomics

We offer metabolomics services for accidental parasites, including targeted and untargeted metabolomics. We can help you to carefully analyze the composition and changes in metabolites of this group of parasites before and after incidental parasitic activity, as well as biological issues such as nutrient acquisition, toxin production, and pathogenicity.

Service Details

  • Sample type: in most cases, the samples are in the biological processes/gradients of origin, infection, development, pathogenesis, and treatment of accidental parasites, or the sample type is selected according to the purpose of your study.
  • Delivery content: experiment report.
  • Service fee: please get it through online inquiry.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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