Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Services for Antiparasitic Drugs

Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Services for Antiparasitic Drugs

Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Services for Antiparasitic Drugs

The efficacy evaluation of antiparasitic drugs used in humans, livestock, and pets (dogs, cats, etc.) is a dose confirmation test of parasitic drugs, also known as a phase II clinical trial. Animal tests show their main efficacy, toxicity, and pharmacokinetic properties. The purpose is to further validate the effect of the tested drug on the prevention and treatment of the target indication and the dosing regimen, to determine the clinical effect of the tested drug on the target indication, to observe the adverse effects of the tested drug, and to formulate control measures.

Relying on our integrated parasite biology service technology platform, Ace Therapeutics provides clients with efficacy evaluation analysis services for anti-parasitic drugs worldwide. Based on the results of animal tests, we recommend clinical trial indications, calculate safe doses for human/animal tests, and provide a basis for drug policy formulation, drug selection, and drug development.

Pharmacodynamic Evaluation Service Options for Antiparasitic Drugs

  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation of neurological drugs
  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation of cardiovascular system drugs
  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation of urological system drugs
  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation of endocrine system drugs
  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation of anti-inflammatory and immune drugs

Note: We have a variety of efficacy evaluation models for different systems, please consult us for details.

Service Steps

Experimental design
  • Test animals (animal species, size, weight, sex, age, source, and number)
  • Test drug (subject drug and control drug)
  • Drug administration program (dose, method of administration, number of doses and treatment cycle, etc.)
  • Test period
  • Test grouping
Observation indicators We observed and recorded in detail the physiological status, clinical symptoms, and the occurrence, development, disappearance, and regression of symptoms of the test animals before the test started, after the test started, during the drug administration, and after the drug was stopped. We also tested the necessary routine blood indicators, biochemical indicators, and other relevant indicators according to the experimental design, and used quantitative indicators to assess the efficacy of the drug.
Statistical analysis We will select the appropriate statistical analysis procedures to analyze the data. We compare the test drug group with the drug control group for significance and confirm the therapeutic effect of the test drug and its dose. Determine the clinical efficacy of the tested drug on the cases, observe and record the adverse effects of the drug, propose precautions for clinical application of the drug, etc.
Evaluation of results We will evaluate the efficacy of the drug in an impartial and scientific manner and produce a trial report, which will include the following:
  • The name, specification, production number, usage, and dosage of the drug under test.
  • Summarize the efficacy of the antiparasitic drug. Confirm the indications of the drug under test, the recommended dose, the method of administration, the number of doses, the dosing interval, adverse reactions and their prevention and control measures, precautions, etc.

Our Advantages

  • Relying on our rich experience in non-clinical studies, we have provided non-clinical efficacy evaluation services for several anti-parasitic drugs, which have successfully passed FDA review and obtained IND approval.
  • The core staff of our non-clinical evaluation team has nearly 20 years of experience in the non-clinical efficacy and safety evaluation of large-molecule biotechnology drugs, cellular gene therapy drugs, and small-molecule drugs.
  • Ace Therapeutics has built a one-stop service technology platform for anti-parasitic innovative drugs, which has formed a distinctive advantage to carry out new drug evaluation services for several clients.

Note: For more parasitic drug efficacy evaluation projects, please consult us for details.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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