Genome Editing Services for Phages

Genome Editing Services for Phages

Genome Editing Services for Phages

Because phages affect microbial ecology, evolution, population dynamics, and virulence, the seamless engineering of bacteria and their phages has far-reaching implications for basic science but also has the potential to have a real impact on all aspects of the bio-economy. In addition to human health, this phage engineering capability will affect everything from biomanufacturing to agriculture to food production. The establishment of efficient phage gene editing tools could accelerate the knowledge and understanding of phages. Phage gene editing technologies can identify essential and non-essential genes of phages, improve phage infestation efficiency, and alter host range. Of course, there is more to designing a modified phage genome than that.

Ace Therapeutics combines many years of experience in gene editing and parasitic biology to provide gene editing services for phage to a wide range of customers, who can order on demand. These include CRISPR gene editing services, bacteriophage recombineering of electroporated DNA (BRED), and in vitro assembly technology services designed to pave the way for further phage applications and research.

Genome Editing Service Options for Phage

  • CRISPR/Cas system-based phage genome editing

We provide phage genome editing services with the CRISPR-Cas system, which can help researchers understand the function of each phage gene more precisely. We can implement the following editing services for phages.

1) Knockout of functional genes.
2) Editing non-coding regions, such as editing gene sequences of promoters, microRNAs, and lncRNAs.
3) Single base editing (point mutation), precise base editing.
4) Knockdown of non-homologous/homologous polygenes, knockdown of metabolic pathway polygenes.
5) Deletion of large fragments.
6) Code shift mutation, gene replacement.

Note: Please consult us for details

  • Bacteriophage recombineering of electroporated DNA (BRED)

We offer this service for the construction of markerless gene deletions. We mainly design in-frame deletions, small fragment insertions, point mutations, and gene substitutions in the phage genome. We complete a range of services from design, plasmid transformation, design of primers, and PCR detection in consultation with our clients.

  • In vitro assembly technology service for phage

We offer in vitro assembly techniques for target genes that may be limited by the enzymatic cut site. We do it all, from experimental design to delivery.

Customer Provides

  • Phage strain, gene name, and other needs.

Service Guarantees

  • After the project starts, we will closely follow up on the experimental progress and make a timely project progress report.
  • The project report contains sgRNA sequences, detailed experimental records, sequencing results, and analysis, etc. to meet the customer's demand for later demonstration materials.

Service Advantages

  • Optimized and upgraded CRISPR/Cas system with a lower off-target rate.
  • Fast delivery, project cycle time as fast as four weeks.
  • Lower project price, please contact our customer service for more details.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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