Development Services for Gene Microarray of Parasitic Organisms

Development Services for Gene Microarray of Parasitic Organisms

Development Services for Gene Microarray of Parasitic Organisms

The genomes of parasitic organisms are relatively large, and there are many technical difficulties in carrying out genomic and functional genomics studies of parasitic organisms. Gene microarrays, as an advanced, large-scale, high-throughput detection technology, provide a better platform for parasitic genomic and functional genomics research. At present, gene chips are mainly used for screening functional genes of parasitic organisms, exploring the relationship between parasitic organisms and host interaction, the pathogenesis of parasitic organisms and molecular screening of diagnostic antigens, drug targets and vaccines of parasitic organisms, and other related researches, all of which have achieved the expected results.

Ace Therapeutics provides technology development services for gene microarray of parasitic organisms, including microarray and sample preparation, hybridization reactions, signal detection, and result analysis to customers worldwide.

Gene Microarray Development Service Options for for Parasitic Organisms

We provide powerful tools for studying gene function and developing modern medical science by designing different probe arrays and using specific analytical methods, such as gene expression profiling, mutation detection, polymorphism analysis, genomic library mapping, and sequencing by hybridization (SBH). Depending on your application, we can produce gene chips for a variety of parasitic organisms, such as expression profiling microarrays, diagnostic microarrays, fingerprinting microarrays, sequencing microarrays, and toxicology microarrays.

We can also make many types of gene chips for parasitic organisms depending on the type of DNA and preparation method, such as

  • Oligo-microarray
  • cDNA microarray
  • In situ synthesis microarrays
  • Micromatrix microarrays (spray and pinpoint)
  • Electro-localization microarrays

Note: In addition, there are other technical services available for you to choose from, please consult us for details.

Technology Route

  1. Microarray production
  2. Nucleic acid extraction and fluorescent labeling
  3. Hybridization reaction
  4. Axon scanner image scanning
  5. Data collection and bioinformatics analysis

Project Solutions

We will provide the overall project implementation plan, including the experimental design, experimental sample preparation, experimental operation procedure, data processing, data analysis, and other parts.

  • Design of the overall experimental protocol — Description of the method for rapid isolation of nucleic acids after isolation of parasitic organism samples, data normalization issues between experimental batches, selection and quantity of the alleged samples, etc.
  • Sample collection — Specification of cell quantity quality, nucleic acid quality, conditions, and requirements for sample preservation and transportation.
  • Experimental operation — We provide the overall detailed and standardized operation procedures for sample pre-treatment, sample nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acid quality control, and subsequent tests.
  • Data processing — Data standardization, how to deal with poor quality samples, how to deal with critical samples in a special way, how to carry out batch-to-batch accusations, and other special situations are explained.
  • Data analysis — Routine selection of differential genes and design of customized services according to customer needs.


  • To study the classification, evolution, genetic polymorphism, and the relationship between parasites and their host environment at the genetic level.
  • To study the stage development of the life history of the parasite through the detection of differentially expressed genes at different developmental stages.
  • To study the sex development of the parasite through the identification of its sex-specific genes, and to provide assistance in the development of anti-reproductive vaccines for the parasite.
  • To reveal the interaction between parasites and different hosts at the genetic level.
  • Molecular diagnosis of parasitic diseases.
  • Development and research of new anti-parasitic drugs, etc.
All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.

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